Hannah & Pryce

Hannah and Pryce met at a Christian camp, the summer of 2014. Hannah worked in the kitchen, Pryce was a ropes course guide.  Hannah, quote: “had a big ol’ crush on Pryce.” He found out about that crush and they started spending time together. When it came time for Hannah to return home, she decided to stay another month… mostly so she could see more of Pryce. They soon fell in love with each other, and at the end of that summer, they started dating long distance. Hannah was in Texas, Pryce in North Carolina. After a year and a half of long distance dating, they couldn’t take it any longer. So Hannah moved to North Carolina. Pryce then proposed to Hannah February of 2015 in the mountains of Asheville (Note: at this time, Pryce was offered a job at Epic in Madison, WI.) 6 Months later, on August 22nd, they had a beautiful wedding in Comfort, TX. After the wedding, they spent their honeymoon in Tahiti. As soon as they got back from their honeymoon, they drove straight to Wisconsin. Here they are, 7 months later. They survived their first winter in Wisconsin and they love living in this amazing city of Madison.

Alyssa ParkerComment