Kara & Tony


I have had the pleasure of knowing Kara for a few years now. We worked together at Coach back in the day. We clicked right away because she put up with my goofiness and sarcasm and gave it right back to me. Plus, we both share a love for photography.

Kara has such a great heart and willingness to help others. And this girl works SO HARD, it's crazy. She so deserves to be happy, and so when I heard that she was dating Tony and I saw the twinkle in her eyes when she talked about him I was so happy. Kara found a man who deserves this kind, heard working woman, and who treats her like the queen she is. I asked Kara if she could tell me the story of her and Tony. Reading it just melts my heart. So, I wanted to share it with you all, too. Here it is...

Kara and Tony's Story in Kara's Words:

We met on a blind date. Neither of us was really all that excited about dating, nor did I think the time was right. Tony's sister works with my best friend and with a little convincing, we met for a drink one night. There was a connection immediately, but timing just wasn't right. We went on a few dates and hung out a few times, but decided to just go our separate ways. The weeks of doing so were heartbreaking. But tony had made me a promise that he would come check out my new apartment once I got settled in. From that night on, we were inseparable. Our feelings quickly grew for one another and here we are today, so in love! (Cheesy, I know!) 😊 Today I look at other couples and wonder if they are truly happy and if they're love is anything like ours.... I hope everyone can truly find their soul mate. It's an amazing feeling!

What I love most about Tony: He makes me laugh every day. His witty, goofy sense of humor. His family. He opens my car door every time. I once told him that God doesn't make people like him. He just cares so much for people and is always putting others before himself. He loves kids and is so good with them. And most of all, that he fought for our country. Tony did two tours while serving in the U.S. Army Reserves as a Specialist, one in Iraq and one in Kuwait. He currently works for the VA Hospital in Madison. ❤️💙