Madison, Wisconsin to Boston, Massachusetts // Our adventures so far

It has been far too long since my last blog post... Let's just say, moving to another state is a lot of work. But my husband, Allan, cat, Sir Douglas and I have been here 2 weeks now and things are finally starting to settle down. So, I thought I'd share how our first couple weeks in Boston have been.

After 18 hours of driving (that's not including stops) we finally made it to our beautiful apartment in Lowell, MA (30 minutes from Boston.) It was a surprisingly easy drive... but then again, I didn't actually do any of the driving. Allan and my lovely Mother took care of that, while I was squished in the back seat with Sir Douglas (who I am so proud of for doing so well the whole way!) and all of our crap *cough* stuff. Once we arrived, we had to ask the property consultant for a tour of our apartment complex because we had only seen photos. Shortly after, the moving company came and UGH!! I will never hire Kangaroo Van line's EVER AGAIN and would never recommend them to anyone! But, I won't get into that. 

My husband started work the next day and my Mom and I got straight to unpacking and organizing! I'll tell you what, one of the only good things about moving is de-cluttering and starting fresh with lots of organization! Am I the only one who loves organizing? There does come a point where you need to take a break from that though, so Thursday we explored a bit. It is so beautiful and historic here! We first toured the Boott Cotton Mill Museum, which was awesome and we actually found out that there is a connection between the Appleton Mills here and Appleton, Wisconsin! Who knew! 


Then, we went to Mill 5, a cool place where a lot of the locals hang out and enjoy coffee and small boutiques. We talked with one of the shop owners who told us that there is a farmers' market there, at Mill 5, every Sunday, all year long. We then met some nice young men who asked me to "freestyle" with them. As much as I would have loved to bust out a rhyme, it was way too much pressure and I just couldn't. They did, however, allow me to do what I do best and snap a photo of them. 

The next day, we explored Boston by walking the Freedom Trail, and wow, was that incredible. We're talking the oldest church in Boston, Paul Revere house, the USS Constitution! It was very cool and a must-do if you're in Boston! 


Saturday, the three of us went to Ikea.... going to Ikea on the weekend = bad idea. It was so crowded! But, we did end up purchasing way more than I thought we would... which isn't a terrible thing since we had to leave most of our furniture behind. It has been a week, though, and still none of it is put together. I guess it's true what people say about Ikea furniture being very difficult to put together. With that being said, I can't wait to take photos of our apartment to show you all, but I'm waiting until it's all put together... that means figuring out how to put this furniture together! Anyone have a power drill we can borrow? 

Sunday, we had our first visitor! My childhood friend, who just happened to be in the area that weekend! We checked out that farmers' market, bought some fresh veggies, homemade granola and bread and then had lunch. Then, on Monday I had to take my Momma to the airport so she could return to Wisconsin.  :'(  I miss her and my Dad so much. 
I got to experience true Boston driving that day; pretty crazy, not gonna lie. I actually had to stop at a Dunkin' Donuts just to brace myself and build up the courage to drive the rest of the way back home. 

This past week, it has just been me still trying to get the house in order, as well as trying to get the word out about my service. And Allan, of course, has been working. Oh, and Sir Douglas has taken to his new abode quite well. He loves that there is more space for him to run around.

That's about it. This blog is getting to be longer than I like, so I will end by saying that all in all we are really enjoying it here and don't for a second regret moving! I will continue to blog about our adventures, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!