10 Date Ideas // The Last One's my Favorite, You'll See Why

Relationships can be hard, there is no denying that. It’s important to keep the love alive by making time for the two of you and finding common interests and fun things to do together. I’m sharing 10 date ideas that we love and I think you might too! Comment below the best date you've had or if you've done any of the following. 


Brunch – This is one of my favorites! When we lived in Madison, every Saturday we would go to our favorite café, down the street, for brunch. What’s great about brunch is 1. You can sleep in and 2. You can order breakfast OR lunch. So go ahead, order the tacos if you want ;)

Comedy Club – Laughter is the best medicine right? We were surprised to find how reasonable tickets are to the improve show. Especially if you go on a night where they are testing a new set.

Board Games – Or card games… or video games… or computer games. It’s fun to get a little competitive. Our current favorite games are Sushi Go, Love letter, and Rummy. All are super affordable, super fun and can be played with 2 or more people, which we love. Side note, we are working on making our own card game! I'll let you all know when that's available ;) It's a card game about fishing... if anyone has any genius name ideas, let me know. Apparently Go-Fish is already taken. 

Cooking competition - One time, Allan and I had a friendly competition to see who could make the better meal. We found recipes online, went to the store together to grab our ingredients and then got cooking!  The results – 2 recipes we loved and have made again. Don’t forget to score on presentation ;)

Find Events near you – This might be obvious, but search online for events near you for the month. You may be surprised what you find! We have found some really cool events and had so much fun planning out our weekend this way.

Be tourists – Since moving to the east coast, it’s been so much fun doing ALL the touristy things and traveling all around. It doesn’t matter if you just moved or you’ve been where you are for a while, there are so many things you haven’t done yet, I promise you that! I think when you’ve lived in a place for a long time, you can get the idea that you’ve done everything there is to do there, but there are so many places and things I, personally, wish I would have done while we lived in Wisconsin, that now I may not get to do.  

Netflix – If you’re going to Netflix and chill, do it the right way. Get some snacks, your favorite beverages, lots of blankets, and snuggle up! (the snuggling part is important, without snuggling, it’s not a date ;))

Bowling – Bowling is never a bad idea. We always think it sounds kind of lame until we do it and then we have so much fun (or at least I have so much fun beating Allan.) I'm not sure if this is a new England thing, or what, but we recently discovered candlepin bowling, which is fun and Allan likes that I'm not as good at it as I am regular bowling.                  

Weekend trip – This kind of goes back to the being a tourist idea. Visit a city not too far from you (but just far enough) that you’ve never been to and spend the weekend there doing ALL THE THINGS, or just relaxing, up to you. 

Take Photos! – Whatever you do, remember to take lots of pictures! Then, make a scrapbook of your year of adventures. I plan on doing this so that when we have kids they can see how cool we were ;). Also, if you're taking a cool trip, don't forget to hire a local photographer so you have some great photos to hang on your walls, to always remind you of the amazing times you had and how you felt in those moments. 

Thanks so much for reading! If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask!