Alex & Keisha's Engagement Session in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Alex is my second cousin. One of my favorite second cousins, I might add. He has a great personality, a big heart, plus the best sense of humor and Keisha compliments him so well! Together they make such a great team and spread joy and laughter wherever they go.

The first time I met Keisha, funny enough, we were both in Nashville. I flew there from Boston and she flew from Minnesota. We were there for two completely different reasons, but when Alex told me she was there I thought what a perfect opportunity to meet her AND take photos of her and her friends while we’re at it. When we first saw each other she ran over and gave me a big hug. Yep. SHE initiated it. And that’s when I knew Alex had found the right woman.

And now that we’ve talked about how compatible Alex and Keisha are, let’s talk about how incredibly photogenic they are! I mean, I guess part of that just has to do with being in love and that love showing in the photos, but I can’t get enough of Keisha’s smile and the way Alex looks at her.  


Wisconsin Dells Engagement Session by Alyssa Parker Photography
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Riverfront engagement session by Alyssa Parker Photography
Engagement By Alyssa Parker Photography
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