7 Things Every Bride Should Remember on Her Wedding Day

7 Things Every Bride Should Remember on Her Wedding Day by Alyssa Parker Photography

 1.     Pretty Hangers

You would think with how much you pay for a wedding gown it would come with at least a wooden hanger, but I’ve never found that to be true. It is a good idea to invest in pretty hangers, they will make the photos look so, so much better. Etsy and Amazon are great places to look. Keep in mind, it’s best if the hook part can turn, like this one, that way we’re not limited where we can hang it for photos. 

2.     The bouquet should be delivered to the bridal suite, not the ceremony location.

I love having the bouquets for detail photos; think ring photos! You’ll also need your bouquet for the first look, or if you’re not doing a first look, I’ll most likely try to have bride and bridesmaids portraits taken before the ceremony. Bonus tips: Ask the florist if there are any extra ‘loose’ flowers to use for detail photos as well.


3.     Heel stoppers!

More often than not we will take portraits in the grass, because who doesn’t want those beautiful natural portraits under a tree or in a field? However, if you plan on wearing high heels, you’ll want to get heel stoppers so you don’t sink into the grass! These also make a cute little addition to a bridesmaids gift!


4.     Keep the wedding bands with you until after the detail photos.

You’ll want to have all three rings for photos. Most people will tell you to give the rings to the best man to hold onto, but it’s more ideal to snap photos of all three rings before the ceremony while I’m photographing the other details in natural light.


5.     Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated!

Sometimes, in the midst of everything going on, brides forget to eat and drink plenty of water! I suggest having a large tumbler of water with a straw, plus, make sure to plan what you and your wedding party will have for breakfast or lunch as well as snacks. Think about snacks you can eat if you are too nervous to eat a whole meal. You might only want applesauce, a granola bar, or Pop Corners (They should make me an influencer, I’m always recommending pop corners because I love them so much!)


6.     Don’t stress over little imperfections

Dirt or other little imperfections won’t show up in photos, so don’t stress it! I promise you are going to look amazing as you walk down the aisle and guests won’t even know if there is a little dirt on your dress. Just focus on your groom and enjoy the one day you get to wear your gown!


7.     Emergency Kit

Here are a few things I recommend bringing just in case: Safety pins, Bobbi pins, hairspray, oil absorbing sheets, Band-Aids, blister pads, sewing kit, ibuprofen, tissues, fashion tape, lint roller, stain remover wipes, deodorant, tooth brush, mints.

The most important thing to remember is to take in every moment, relax and enjoy your time with loved ones! It really does go by way too fast. I hope these tips were helpful!