Friday Five - 5 Things I'm Loving Right Now


Welcome to my new blog series; Friday Five, where every Friday I will be sharing 5 things with you all. This could be 5 business related things, wedding tips, personal posts, or whatever else I think of! Recommendations are welcome and appreciated!


Today I’m going to start with 5 products/services/bands in my personal life that I am loving right now!

1. My electric toothbrush. My dentist is awesome and gave me a Phillips Sonicare, which was a pretty great gift if you ask me. I just love how clean my teeth feel after using this tooth brush and that it times how long I need to spend brushing. This is not sponsored, I promise lol.


2. Our Tuft & Needle Bed. One night a few month ago, I was laying in bed, my back was aching, like it has for so long due to our crummy mattress that we bought just 3 years ago. I did some research online to see if there were any reasonably priced mattresses people recommend. Another photographer friend of mine had just purchased a Tuft & Needle mattress and loved it! So right then and there, I ordered one and a few days later it arrived in a box. Allan and I have had great sleep ever since. The end.


3.  Beauty Counter. For about a year now, I’ve been eliminating products with the “suspicious 6” ingredients in them; products that can actually be very harmful and aren’t the best for your skin. I recently discovered Beauty Counter from another photographer friend who started selling it. She gave me a bunch of samples to try and I fell in love! The products really have improved my skin and I love that they are a clean/safe beauty company! They actually eliminate over 1500 ingredients that may not be safe. They have everything from skin care, body care, to makeup! If you want to check them out, shop through my friends link, here, to help her out!

4. Misfit Market. Again, I discovered this service after hearing about it from yet another photographer friend (I have a lot of photographer friends, ok?). It looked like something I saw on SharkTank (love that show) and I liked the idea. They take organic produce that doesn’t make it to the stores, because it’s deformed or ugly, and sell it for up to 50% off what you would pay in stores, plus they ship it straight to your house! I look forward to receiving our box of fruits and veggies every week! If you want to try it out, you can use this link if you want 25% off.

5. My Samsung Active Watch. We are a Samsung family. We don’t have iPhones. I have been wanting a smart watch that works with my phone for years now, but they never checked off everything on my list. First on my list, that it looks pretty cute. All the watches I’ve seen are either too big or too ugly. I love that the Samsung active is small, round, and my brand colors. In addition to it looking cute, it tracks my health; steps, heart rate, activity, workouts, stress, calories burned, plus, it even gives me a little reminder that I’ve been sitting too long and need to move my body. It also shows me my notifications from my phone and I can reply to texts using my watch. Lastly, I love it for wedding days because I set timeline reminders, so I always know what’s next and how I’m doing on time.

There you have it! 5 Things I’m loving right now. If you have questions about any of these or you have an idea for a future topic, drop it in the comments below! Thanks for reading :)