Friday Five - 5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in June


1. Warm weather! I can’t wait to FINALLY break out my summer clothes…. like, for real this time. I’m so tired of wearing layers! I just want to be able to throw on a sundress and be set for the day! Who’s with me on this?

2. Visiting our Families in Wisconsin! We just arrived in Milwaukee yesterday and we will see Allan’s family this weekend as we celebrate the marriage of Allan’s cousin Curtis and his soon to be wife, Alex. Then, we will spend a couple days with my family back in our home town! We haven’t seen our families since last July and we haven’t both been back to Wisconsin since two November’s ago. So we are long over due.

3. Ian & Lauren’s wedding in VT! I just have one wedding in June + Lots of sessions + product shoots + preparing for a very crazy July - November! On June 15th I have the honor of capturing Ian and Lauren’s wedding day in Vermont! I haven’t seen them since last summer when we did their engagement session, which was amazing! So I can’t wait!! And as an added bonus, Sarah and I are spending the night at an alpaca farm!

4. My birthday! I’ll be 26 on the 21st. It’s so weird to think that I will be closer to 30 than 20!! AHH! My birthday is on a Friday and I actually have off that weekend, so I’m pretty excited to celebrate! Not sure what we are going to do, but I’m sure it’ll be good! I would love suggestions on what you think I should do to celebrate! I’m thinking weekend trip somewhere a few hours away.

5. This one is a secret - There is something else (hopefully) happening in June that I am super, super excited for but I’m waiting until it’s official to share it. Any guesses what it is??