Friday Five - 5 of My Favorite Things to Do in Portland, Maine

Things to Do in Downtown Portland, Maine

1. Eat at Duckfat - If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably heard me talk about my love for this restaurant. All of their food is amazing, but I often crave their french fries and truffle ketchup. They also have amazing seasonal options and THE BEST SHAKES, so make sure to save room for dessert!

2. Take the ferry to Peaks Island - I believe it’s only $7 and it’s about a 20 minute ferry ride. Once you are on the island, there is more great food (fish taco, anyone?) and you can rent a bike (or bring your own) for the loveliest, prettiest 4 mile bike ride around the island with lots of picture perfect views! You could also bring a picnic, fish, kayak, swim, get some ice cream, there is even a wedding venue on the island! If you get married there, please give me a call, because it’s a dream of mine to photograph a wedding there.

3. Walk around Downtown - Downtown Portland is just so cute all around and Allan and I have spent the day just walking around, checking out the shops, taking in the ocean view.

4. Eat at the holy donut - These donuts are made out of potatoes, guys! It’s kinda crazy. They taste SO good, though. They are very dense and super filling. Make sure to get there before they run out!

5. Head lighthouse - This place is so beautiful!! It’s a great place to walk and an amazing spot to take photos. In fact, this lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse in the country. You have to check it out if you go to Maine.

Head lighthouse portland maine by alyssa parker photography
Peaks Island portland maine photo by Alyssa Parker Photography
Thing to do in Portland Maine
What to do in Portland Maine