Friday Five - 5 Things I'm Excited for in July


1.  Going to Savannah GA to Photograph Jackie and Dan’s wedding! I am so excited that Jackie and Dan asked me to come along on this adventure with them to document their wedding day at the same place they were engaged! On top of that, I have never been to Savannah before, so I am very excited to explore it with Allan!


2. Anniversary photos. I kinda love photos in case you didn’t know. I love an excuse to get dressed up and have nice photos taken of Allan and I. We are having them takin in Savannah one month before our 5 year anniversary! It’s going to be tough not to share them until August.


3. The 4th of July. I love independence day. I love dressing in red, white and blue, making all the festive treats, watching fireworks, and celebrating our country! I only wish I could spend it with my best friend, Miki. Her and I really get into the 4th of July. Miss you, Miki.


4. Four weddings – This is a super busy month for me with 4 weddings and 3 engagement sessions but I am so excited for every single one of them! Each one is going to be so different and SO beautiful! Blessed to be a part of them all!


5. The Tuesday’s Together leaders retreat! As some of you probably know, I am a co-leader of the Lowell Tuesday’s Together (More information on that here). At the end of the month Rising Tide Society is hosting a retreat for all the leaders! We will learn from a few very talented entrepreneurs, socialize with leaders from around the world, and celebrate with a big carnival themed party! I am quite excited!  

Thanks for reading! What are you most excited for in July? Leave a comment below!