30 Things You May Not Have Known About Me // I Bet You Didn't Know #10 ;)

Hello! This is kind of the start of some fun and different posts, other than my typical blog posts about weddings and session (though, I will still be posting those, of course.)  I asked you all what you want to see from me and I was blown away by the response. There were so many amazing ideas and I can't wait to get started!! So, to kick things off, I thought I'd share 30 random facts, maybe you didn't know, about me. I find blogs without photos to be very lame. So, I added a few random photos at the end. Alright, here we go! 

1.     I am pretty weird, random and silly.

2.     I love to roll down my window and jam out to Jack Johnson on the first day of warm weather.

3.     I can curl my tongue.

4.     I’m a cat person, but I do like dogs too…. I just like cats more.

5.     I was a girl scout when I was younger. And I was really good at selling those thin mints... and all the other cookies, too. 

6.     If I am sitting/standing behind a random person while they are taking a selfie, I will smile for the photo.

7.     My favorite smells are vanilla, peonies, and tacos.

8.     I love blankets, I have to have one while I’m sitting at my desk, on a plane, at the movies… Even if I’m not cold, I just like having one cause they’re so cozy. (Yes, I do have one right now as I write this.)

9.     Words of Affirmation is my love language.

10.  I love tacos. Hopefully you all know that by now. 

11.  I used to work at a Coach outlet, which started my obsession with Coach handbags.

12.  My purse was once stolen. The police recovered it without any of the valuables in it, but I was just happy to get my favorite coach purse back! Clearly, the thief doesn’t know good fashion.

13.  I love giving gifts because you have to think real hard about the person you’re giving to.

14.  Favorite candy bar is Heath.

15.  My favorite trip was when Allan and I went to Costa Rica.

16.  I have never broken a bone.

17.  I have no tattoos.

18.  I used to love baking more than cooking, but ever since HelloFresh, I’d say I like cooking and trying new recipes more.

19.  I really want to travel to Spain and Peru.

20.  I dance around my apartment a lot.

21.  I’m a terrible dancer, though.

22.  I’m not a morning person. My best ideas come in the evening and I’m also more motivated to clean.

23.  I hate winter. After the first snow, it can be over.

24.  Dresses and Jackets take up the most room in my closet. I love them. So much.

25.  My biggest pet peeve is when someone calls me hon, sweetie, or dear. (Unless they’re like 40 or older, but any younger than that, I cringe.)

26.   I can’t stand it when my home is messy.

27.  My birthday is the first day of Summer.

28.  Other foods I love; soup, cheese, dips, anything with cream cheese frosting. I love food, ok?

29.  I also LOVE adventure.

30. My Favorite number is 3. It all started when I was little. My brothers, cousin and I used to play SPUD a lot. (if you don't know what SPUD is, you haven't loved. JK.) We would all have to pick a number, and somehow I always got left with number 3. So after that, I'd always picked 3. For everything. And that's how it became my favorite number. The end. 

Random Photo Time. First Photo is by Bridgette Rozinski, Wedding Photos by Tara Draper.

I would love to hear what we have in common or if any of these things surprised you. Comment below!